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Susan Marcus Sachs

has been a resident of Benicia for 30 years. Attracted by the light and colors of Benicia, and its glassblowers, in 1987 she opened a weaving studio, SUMA DESIGNS, experimenting with textures, colors and art to wear for women. Finding Benicia a wonderful place to raise her children in 1992 she returned to her profession of Occupational Therapy and now is CEO of SUMA KIDS, a pediatric occupational therapy company in Concord.


An early board member of Arts Benicia, Susan contributed to the organization through volunteer hours. Susan began re-entering the artistic world with by taking art classes offered through Arts Benicia 12 years ago. “Monotype printmaking was an ideal entry medium for me – the quickness of the process and the beautiful effects with light, texture and color captured me.” Susan has had a studio in the Benicia Arsenal studios for the past 12 years.

Her Work…

Susan's new series: Wanderlust, is inspired by her travels. "I interpret the colors, textures, sights and symbols that have touched me. Currently Susan is working in acrylics and mixed media painting, always using multiple layers of color. “I am constantly challenged to incorporate textures into my work - a hold over from my weaving & textile days - sometimes by adding handmade paper, using fibers to create shapes, or beginning a painting by applying texture to the paper or canvas, and then painting into it.”


Having been mentored for the past 6 years by Lee Altman I have found freedom in my work- going beyond paintbrushes I frequently paint with my fingers, palate knives, and hands. This allows me to add my gesture to each piece.” The artistic community of Benicia is very nurturing and supportive and I feel lucky to be a part of it.”


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Vessels, Juried Show, June 2013

Arts Benicia, Group Show

Vino Paladini, Solo Exhibit June 2011

Arts Benicia of the Community 2002 -2014,

Arts Benicia art auction yearly since 2002

Open Studios, Benicia 2005 - present




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